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Skin Cancer Cell Treatment - Dog 

Subject:5 Year Old, Male, Golden Retriever

SCC - Irregular, Jagged, Bleeding Border with irregular tissue formations; 5/8 Inch (1.6cm)

Test Case Dog

Skin, Cancer Cell Treatment, Dog










Treatment:Topical CC Formula

Initial Treatment Period:07/11/06 - 07/14/06 - 3 Days

Approximate Tumor Size:5/8” Dia (1.6cm)

Location:Nose, RHS

Treated Area: 1” x 1” (Application Area)

Active Treatment Period: 14-Days (07/11/06 - 07/25/06  )

Observed Side-effects: None

Skin, Cancer Cell Treatment, Dog Skin, Cancer Cell Treatment, Dog










Re-occurrence as of: 10/06/07 None

Note: Subject also had a 1.5” (3.8cm) tumor in neck region, treated successfully with full recovery;  no re-occurrence 2 yrs later.


Note: No re-occurrence as of Jan 2010 (total = >3.5years)